Keg Parties For Life: Fancy Red SOLO Cup Drinkware

March 11, 2013


This is a series of washable drinkware from Red Cup Living (you know, because SOLO cups are a lifestyle like Netflix) that look like the classic red kegger cups. They're not though, they're sturdier and dishwasher safe and cost $4-$10 per cup. Me? I'm afraid my keg partying days are behind me. Not by choice, I just need to make some new friends and actually get invited to one -- possibly by spending more time hanging out in the high school parking lot. But for now I'm a grownup and only drink out of four things: my hands, recycled pasta sauce/artichoke jars, beer bottles, and straight from the chocolate milk carton.

Thanks to Karsten, who invited me over for a night of beer pong and flip-cup but when I showed up nobody would answer the door even though I could hear people partying inside so I toilet papered all the trees in their yard.

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