I Want To Go: Professor X/Captain Picard To Marry Long Time Girlfriend, Magneto/Gandalf To Officiate Wedding

March 20, 2013


So Patrick Stewart is going to marry his jazz singing fiance Sunny Ozell and have long time friend/costar Ian McKellen officiate the ceremony. I doubt it'lll be a cosplay wedding, but you never know. I at least want to come to the reception, even as a busboy.

McKellen confirmed the news on the British program the Jonathan Ross Show, according to The Hollywood Reporter. He explained to Ross that in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, for a one-time fee of $25, a relative or family friend may perform a wedding ceremony. And, McKellen told Ross, the Stewart-Ozell nuptials won't be his first time officiating such a joyous event. "I don't know," McKellen said. "But in Massachusetts, in the middle of America somewhere, you get a friend along, and I read out the words, and Sunny and Patrick will then be married. ... I've done it once before with two guys having a civil partnership. I was crying my eyes out."

Man, now I want Gandalf to officiate my wedding. Actually he would sort of have to, because it's gonna take some serious magic to trick any girl into marrying this. I realize now I'm not the catch my mom always used to tell me I was in high school. Oh -- she's making a run for it. Quick Gandalf, blast her with a cold feet reversal.

Thanks to Brandy, who's really hoping they work some of their movie quotes into the ceremony.

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