Hmm: Most Searched P0rn Terms By Country And State

March 13, 2013


This is a series of infographics showing the most search for p0rn terms by country and state for the last six months as compiled by PornMD, aka The Porn Doctor, aka never under any circumstances open up your mouth and say "Aah." I flipped through half of the US and a bunch of the countries of the world and, I dunno, dinosaurs doesn't seem so weird now. Regardless, as hard as I unknowingly tried, they didn't make the top ten list for California. Maybe next year.

Hit the jump for a handful more but go to the interactive maps HERE where you can just roll over your own state/country and see what kind of f***ing weirdos you call neighbors.









Thanks to Jacqueline, who agrees all the states and countries where 'compilation' made the list should be congratulated for their no-nonsense approach to getting off.

  • Steph

    What is ebony porn? lol

  • Upstate Steve

    This looks a lot more like advertising for Lisa Ann - whoever the fuck that is.

  • Mike Smith

    For the life of me, I will never understand "Creampie" and why it turns some guys on. What do you care what the semen does once its out of you? "OOO bro! Its oozing out! mmmmmyeah!" I don't think I've ever met anyone who admitted to liking that. What's the point. I've hit the damn little red x in the corner by then.

  • lmfao. i like how most of the countrys have thier own people as the top search. Fuckin canada.... asians..... THERES TO FUCKING MANY OF THEM

  • Jason

    Romania #1 "Mom and Son"

  • cabbo

    both number 1 and number 5 for romania are 'mom and son', spelled exactly the same way.

  • captaindash

    It's hilarious how all those supposedly homophobe African and Middle Eastern countries love them some man on man action. I'm tellin ya, if you are in an intolerant area and want some same sex action, go to an anti-gay chatroom. People are so weird. If you are gay, it seems South America is the place to go. Turns out the men don't just love those voluptuous ladies asses...

  • quatro

    Peru 100% Gay searches
    Chile 90% Gay searches
    Venezuela 80% Gay searches

    and Russians love Sasha Grey

  • RunHMC

    How did I know every state in the bible belt would be "Ebony"?

  • vadersapp

    Number two search for Italy is a name? What? More than any other porn term, Italians searched "Sara Tommasi?" How could that be right? How could one woman be searched more than any other conceivable porn genre? *searches "Sara Tommasi"* Oh sweet Jesus! Italy.... I UNDERSTAND! You have amazing taste, guys!

  • Martin Starfighter

    ...and Hungary and Romania have "mom and son" in first and second place respectively. Ew.

  • Martin Starfighter

    Ukraine no 1 search is Raincoat (gay), what's up with that?

  • Cortney A.

    The only thing more surprising than Japan's searches not being as crazy as you would expect them is the Traci Lords fanbase in Vietnam.

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    Check China/Korea. Seems like Japan's weird stuff is for exportation to their neighbours. They might be producers but they aren't the main consumers.

  • Deksam

    Hungary and Romania are the most messed up it seems!

  • Davidsadi

    wow this Lisa ann girl must be quite good... looks over at search bar

  • I bet GW wants to move to Peru.

  • Tristan

    iceland is hilarious

  • Guest

    Man I'm late on the post about porn. Gaaaah, so many good jokes wasted.

  • zin

    Czech Republic > 6) castrated shemale

    Were they just looking for hermaphrodites or am I seeing some sinister tastes here? Not that anything on the internet can surprise me but...

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