I Would Still Drink It: Hoptimus Prime Seasonal Beer

March 13, 2013


This is the Hoptimus Prime seasonal beer from Robinson Brewery. It has absolutely nothing to do with Transformers except the punny name and a blurb about how the flavor transforms as all the ingredients combine. I wish I'd known that before buying a case of the stuff hoping to grow wheels for feet.

Brewed using only British hops and barley malts this beer exhibits a rich array of malt and traditional fruity hop flavours, complemented by a crisp dry finish. The unique flavour of Hoptimus Prime transforms as each individual ingredient combines to satisfy all of your hoppy needs.

Don't the flavor of every beer transform as the ingredients combine? I get it -- it's just a clever name and I shouldn't be so mad except I JUST DRANK A CASE OF THE STUFF AND YOU KNOW HOW I AM WHEN I'VE BEEN DRINKING. "All lovey dovey and playful?" I'm gonna get your nose! "Stop it." Coochie choochie coo!

Thanks to Travis, who agrees real wannabe Transformers only drink premium gasoline.

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