Hello, Internet: Penguins Playing iPad Game For Cats

March 19, 2013


Penguins: everybody wishes they knew one. Same goes for owls. This isn't about owls though, this is a video of penguins at the Aquarium of the Pacific playing 'iPad Game For Cats'. It's basically an app with a toy mouse that runs around while your cat tries to stomp and torture it. Penguins at least have the decency to only try to eat it. Man, I if I had a penguin that lived in my bathtub I think I could finally die happy. Of course you you would have to come over and rescue him afterwards so he doesn't starve to death -- just step over my body. Or on it, I don't care, I'm dead.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to Carmen, who goes to the zoo and spends all day at the penguin exhibit. I'm the same way with the reptile house.

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