Solid Bros: Guy Lets Buddy Test Taser Sword On Him

March 5, 2013


Remember that 8.8 Million Volt Shock Mod Ninja Sword built by Youtuber GreekGadgetGuru? Well fellow Youtuber jonathanj9969 built a similar one, and this is a video of him taking one for the team and getting blasted with the thing. First he takes a shock to the stomach, then he holds a sword in each hand and touches the blade on both sides to create a closed circuit. That's when he feels the full effect. Amazingly, he didn't fall on one of his own swords and turn this video into a REAL Youtube hit. He was close though, I could tell. YOU HAVE TO WANT IT.

Hit the jump for two videos: the actual shocking, and another of dude just showing the sword off.

Thanks to Kevin and Matt C, who have both brought swords to gunfights and walked away unscathed.

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