German Traffic Wardens Mistakenly Give Snow Sculpture Car A Parking Ticket, Are Not Amused

March 15, 2013


Some German pranksters in Aachen built a snow car overnight in a no parking zone and traffic wardens came and gave the car a ticket the next morning. But when police found out it was all snow and there was no car underneath -- boy were their faces red. Get it? Because it was so cold out.

The wardens eventually realised they'd been had when they tried to scrape the snow off the number plate and found there was no plate, just snow," they added.

But the prank has received a frosty reception from local police.

A spokesman said: "We can take a joke as well as the next person and it was a very convincing prank.

"But whether it was made of metal or snow it was still obstructing a road that should have been clear."

How do you even give a ticket to a car without getting the license plate number? 'To the person with the unidentifiable car under this snow pile -- pretty please send $80.' The old honor system method. That doesn't work. You ever left candy out on your porch for Halloween with a sign that reads, 'Please take 2'. The first kids to show up emptied the whole bowl into their bags and smashed your pumpkins.

Thanks again to Mr Tallon C, who, for two tips in a row, makes him infinitely better than you in my eyes right now.

  • Malik Ashar Azeem

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  • Deksam

    ticket is an obvious gag. no licence plate anyways.

  • herp derp

    GW, where the fuck are you getting your information at??? This was a post on reddit yesterday. the op and his friends who made the snow car explicitly stated in the comments that they purposely requested some passing by cops to put a ticket there for a photo op, all in good spirit (I'm pretty sure there was a photo of them and the cops posted in the thread too).

    Check your sources dude..

  • Tallon

    He got it from me and I specifically requested he not look into it further. He blindly accepted my request thereby falling directly into the trap I set.

  • da1nonlysage

    satire article maybe?

  • We can take a joke as well as the next person and it was a very convincing prank. ... http://www.MillionaireProje...

  • DeW

    in germany the police is not allowed to scrap of snow from a car, because there is a chance to damage the car and they have to pay it. stupid but good for us xD

  • agentorange61

    the cops knew that car was fake; they were joking. the guy that built this thing was actually relieved when they told him he did not have to pay a ticket...

  • asdas

    this is fake because they have to note the car's license plate on the ticket

  • Vladplaya

    next time, try to actually read the text under the picture...

  • Brant_Alan

    Nah man TL;DR

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