Fill The Oceans With Concrete: A Two-Headed Bull Shark

March 26, 2013


This is a two-headed bull shark discovered in the Gulf of Mexico. Well, it wasn't swimming around attacking people or anything, it was discovered inside a mother shark that had been caught. Based on that business card in the photo, I'm going to assume the best SharkDefense is a good SharkOffense. You know, because dude just killed the thing. The best shark repellent? Their deaths.

This is certainly one of those interesting and rarely detected phenomena," [Fisheries and Wildlife professor Michael] Wagner said. "It's good that we have this documented as part of the world's natural history, but we'd certainly have to find many more before we could draw any conclusions about what caused this."

Pfft, waiting to collect more data before drawing conclusions is not how I roll. I'll tell you what caused this: the government. When in doubt, blame the government -- that's my motto. Well, my new motto anyways. It used to be 'This giving anybody else getting a boner?' but that wasn't working out so hot in the workplace. Killed it in college though.

Thanks to Nik and Stuart M, who agree whoever said two heads are better than one needs to take a look at this shit.

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