Don't Need, Still Want: A Levitating Computer Mouse

March 5, 2013


This is 'The Bat', a magnetically levitating computer mouse designed by KIBARDINDESIGN. It does everything a regular mouse does plus levitates and probably cost 100x more. Still -- rich people. Hey Bill, have you seen my new hover-mouse? 'No Mike, I haven't. But why the f*** did you bring it golfing?'

"The Bat" -- levitates at a height of 40 millimeters on its own, or 10mm beneath the weight of your 1000g (~2.2-pound) hand. The whole setup comprises a base/bat-pad and a floating left-/right-click mouse conjoined with a magnetic ring. Also there's a scroll wheel.

This unholy chimera of pseudo-futuristic and unaccountably retro tech is ostensibly designed to relieve pressure on the median nerve of the wrist, which the studio claims will prevent and treat the numbness, tingling, and muscle damage of the hand that's characteristic of repetitive use injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.

I don't know about preventing carpal tunnel, but I do know I'm going to bring my new hover-mouse to Starbucks to use with my laptop just so it's clear to everyone that I'm the biggest @$$hole in the store. And that isn't easy.

Hit the jump for several more shots. No topless ones though, sorry.




Thanks to Brian E, who still uses an IBM ThinkPad with one of those weird little red nipple joysticks between the keys. Man, I love nipples but I could never get used to those.

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