Color Me Impressed: A Giant Perler Bead Sprite Link

March 28, 2013


This is the giant Link bead sprite created by Redditor BoxMacLeod (links to a gallery of even more of his work). It is most impressive. I used to be into Perler beads myself but I'd always iron them for too long and the whole damn thing would melt into a blob. I suck at frozen pizzas too. No kidding 'oven temperatures may vary', because that thing is on fire.

Thanks to Slick Nick, who's so slick he forgot to include the link the first time he sent the tip.

  • TwiZtedS

    When I was younger I got one of these beads stuck up my nose, and by the time I told my parents, it creeped further up my nasal passage, that I had to be taken into the Emergency Room to have it removed.

  • Meh.

    It's impressive but there's one problem, this is done off the sprite work from

    AbyssWolf on deviantart, credit where credit is due!!!

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