British Man Dressed As Batman Drags Perp To Jail

March 5, 2013


A chubby British man dressed in what appears to be Batman sweatsuit hauled a 27-year old fraud and burglary suspect to a police station and handed him over to authorities...then disappeared into the night. All the news sources are speculating who the masked crusader is, which is just sad and a waste of time -- he's just gonna be some regular guy. Probably a school teacher or factory worker. It's not like you're gonna pull his mask off and find Spider Man hiding under there.

UPDATE: In an unsurprising turn of events, Batman has been identified as 39-year old Chinese food delivery driver Stan Worby. The suspect was a friend of Worby and he made him turn himself in. I'll have the wonton soup and shrimp fried rice please.

Thanks to Shannah, Matt, CORY IS JAWSOME, Chris, ChaosLex, Jay D and Steve, who don't wear masks to haul perps to jail because they all look good in surveillance footage.

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