Basic Pokemons Cosplaying As Their Final Forms

March 6, 2013


This is a small series of pen and colored pencil drawings by artist/Pokemon lover Birdy Chu of basic Pokemons cosplaying as their final forms in little onsie costumes. My final form? A WORTHLESS PILE OF BONES. Just keepin' it real. Probably too real if my mom is reading this.

Hit the jump for five more.






Thanks to Silvermidnight, who knows I'm a sucker for any tip titled 'Brain Exploding Cuteness' because I love cat videos.

  • I was looking for ideas for a pokemon tattoo and I really like your drawings. Would you mind if I showed them to my artist and used your drawings?

  • disqus_vuc2H0oLIQ

    this is someone elses work

  • Fercho Salinas

    I'd keep a Charmander/Charizard.

  • Darth Hungus

    pokemon is still gay as hell

  • Azariel_z

    Dat squirtle..

  • mynameis

    One Pocket monster, two Pocket monsters?

  • Silvermidnight

    I figured the cute would win you over ^^

  • So much cuteness I could die!

  • Steven Cleverpig

    Pretty sure the plural of Pokémon is Pokémon. Better luck next time, GW.

  • James

    I think the internet has already decided this question: Pokémans

  • ramalama

    pokemons is funner

  • *ahem* I believe the proper term is Pokémen.

    No. That's a lie.

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