Back To The Future III's Time-Traveling Train LEGO Set

March 6, 2013


This is the old west time-traveling train from Back to the Future III recreated in LEGO by Back to the Future and LEGO fan Masashi. It's an electric set and works on LEGO train tracks, but is currently only a LEGO Cuuso project and will undoubtedly be denied manufacture by LEGO because 1. it would be so expensive and 3. I doubt enough people would want it/be willing to pay for it. I actually already have a LEGO train set in my closet and whenever I break it out to play I always line minifig damsels in distress (although most are dudes) on the rails and see how many I can run over before the train jumps the tracks. I've killed dozens before and would make a great villain in one of those old-timey western adventure radio shows.

Hero Jonny Gunslinger: We've got to rescue the damsel in distress!
Idiot Sidekick: But Jonny -- we'll never stop the train in time!

Hit the jump for a couple more shots plus a closeup of the minifigs which includes Doc Brown's perverted little son that points at his dingaling in the movie.



Thanks to Andyman, who had an opportunity to save a damsel in distress from a fire breathing dragon but then sobered up and realized FIRE BREATHING DRAGON and decided a less fair damsel was probably the smarter choice.

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