Already Ordered: Rollie, The Egg-On-A-Stick Cooker

March 27, 2013


This is the $30 Rollie Eggmaster. You just crack an egg into it, and then a cylindrically cooked egg rises from the middle in a couple minutes. Add chopped vegetables and sausage and a stick while it's cooking to make it an omelet on a stick! The possibilities are practically endless. I bet this is the exact sort of thing everybody in the 1950's imagined when they closed their eyes and thought about what life would be like in the future.

Hit the jump for a worthwhile commercial of the magic happening.

Thanks to PYY, who agrees over-easy or GTFO.

  • These comments are great. I particularly like that more than half of them are related to sex or genitalia. Keep up the good work here, people.

  • jay h

    if you can make toast you can make rollio? where do they get these mongoloid chefs who cant flip eggs, if half their audience is as retarded as their egg chefs, they were cringing when you suggested " If you can toast you can rollio!"

  • weedman

    ^ I'm here to write this :D

  • Paul Thomas

    No Butter?! no Deal and I would never eat a dildo, never!!!!

  • gatacinco

    How do you clean it?!

  • Richard

    "And they're all booty-popping in sync to the sound of me playing Excitebike."

    This fucking killed me.

  • Wrong post! Way to "swartz it up", Richard.

  • I like mine scrambled.

  • Billy Rocka

    Maybe cuz I'm high but I want one.

  • Guest

    I dont want to eat eggs out of what looks like a defective Fleshlight...

  • Gloomfrost

    Damn it, want this in Canada. WHY IS IT SO DIFFICULT in 2013!!

  • Richard H Sanford

    For the making of breakfast burritos I totally want one of these.

  • Jacob Abercrombie

    I can't order fail...

  • TheDR

    Things that slowly rise always feel a bit sinister to me. Sort of like the sun rising up over the top of a building in Bladerunner. I just can't trust this machine.

  • Joel Lamm

    This just in! Rollio to come out with a new "wider" and less hot version! That's right, the rollio flesh light! Infommercial voice over: "tired of jerking it the old fashion way. All of that manual labor and clean up, what a mess! Plus let it warm up, and your girlfriend can eat something with just as much protein as the egg cooker! Call now and get 2 for the price of 1! Makes a great Fathers day gift!"

  • Stephanie Stephens

    Poached for the win.

  • MC

    I had an omelette this morning for breakfast! However, I do not recall my kitchen looking like a brood of radioactive chickens had sex and defecated everywhere. Maybe I prepared my omelettes improperly?

  • Tallon

    Did this attractive young female proffesional pass gas? Oh no, it's just the smell of her only desk appliance; an egg on a stick maker.

  • tomkingkong

    I thought it was a tampon press before I saw the video. Still not convinced otherwise..

  • fuck tom king kong

    fuck you

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