All The Rage Right Now: Woman Hacks Original Legend Of Zelda To Play As Zelda, Rescue Link

March 18, 2013


Because hacking oldschool video games to play as the female and rescue the male is all the rage right now (for the record I am 100% cool being rescued), Kenna W. hacked the original Legend of Zelda to play as Zelda and rescue Link. Fine, but hurry Zelda because it's just Gannon and I down in this dungeon and I think he wants to marry me.

Kenna used a sprite editor to pump out the mod in about four days. The editor didn't allow for changing colors, however, which is why Zelda appears in a green dress. But the game's opening and closing scrolls also have been edited to completely flip the roles--Zelda is saving Link in this playthrough. She struggled with how to include Link. "In the end, I decided he's still Link. Even though he's seemingly powerless to leave a simple room."

Honestly, I'm surprised Nintendo hasn't already released a game in the Zelda franchise where you play primarily as Zelda. I'm sorry, did I just ruin the surprise of the new WiiU game? I promised I wouldn't tell but I'm bad! Okay I just made that up but if it happens I want you to all bow before me as a clairvoyant wizard.

Hit the jump for a video of Zelda running through the game although from the back she just looks like a brown blob because of her long hair.

Thanks to Stephanie, who hacked Metroid to be able to play as Mega Man.

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