Alarm Clock App Makes You Take Exact Same Picture As Previously Set To Turn It Off

March 21, 2013


Sleep If U Can is a $2 iPhone app that requires you to get out of bed and go take the exact same picture as you previously set as your wake up shot in order to turn the alarm off. Something like the bathroom sink or toilet. Me? I make mine a picture of my bed cover and completely defeated the purpose of the app. My roommate's? I just set his to a picture of his piggy bank THEN SMASHED IT TO PIECES. Good luck with that, jerk.

Hit the jump for a brief video.

Thanks to 유리방, who wakes up when the roosters crow. Then pulls the covers over his head and tries to go back to sleep.

  • Fred Haro

    Incredibly nice
    article, accurately what I was in search of. Thanks
    security system,

  • lolly

    I want this I hope u can use it on Samsung gaxlaxy fame lol !!!

  • Laurent Maulin

    So it won't stop that alarm from ringing until the camera recognises the sink you said ? fine i'll put my sink's picture right in front of my bed so as to be able to stop this annoying alarm if i ever launch it by error lol not that useful to me.
    Did you see all that the new Optimus G2 has to offer ? THIS is some serious stuff people !!

  • this is not only a clock app but a life changer!

  • Smatt584

    As of today, there is only 2 comments on the App Store and one of them says that any photo turns it off. Anyone know if this thing actually works?

  • AppsGeek

    It works well !! I love it :)

  • Kassian Tyler

    little did you know, this app is free on android.
    yet another reason to get an android based phone.

  • McfeelySmackup

    It's true, "Sleep if U can" is free in the android market. I tried it for a while and it really worked...until I remembered I'm an adult and I can just get out of bed when my alarm goes off without needing my phone to mommy me.

  • karen

    Has anyone tried that Little Rooster clock that vibrates your clitoris awake?

  • Bullbob2

    I can do that for you if you like....

  • I have a boyfriend for that.

  • JimmyThr

    So he's an early riser then

  • Closet Nerd

    Do they have an app that puts your phone back together after you throw it across the room?!
    .....just sayin

  • Paul

    or press the home key?

  • Smatt584

    Shit. I really wanted this app to work. But if it did, what would happen if you left town and forgot to turn it off?

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