Little Too Realistic Zombie Cake (Technically Rice Krispy)

March 25, 2013


This is the realistic looking zombie cake created by the Artisan Cake Company of Portland, Oregon. It's not really cake though, the body was made out of Rice Krispies (or possibly store-brand Crispy Rice), then covered with a modeling chocolate skin and a shredded fondant shirt. Oh -- and topped off with a Jello brain. You know, sometimes I'm convinced my brain is just Jello. But then I get to thinking if my brain really is just Jello, would it even be capable of such a deep, intellectual thought? That's usually when I get a headache and have to lie down. Life's little mysteries.

Hit the jump for several more including the back.




Thanks to my buddy Terry, the closest thing you can get to a zombie without actually being dead. Truth bomb!

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