Yum: Eye Of Sauron, Death Star And Galaxy Lollipops

February 15, 2013


Because everybody loves candy and Valentine's Day is right around the corner, here are some Eye of Sauron, Death Star, and galaxy lollipops (not to be confused with these planet ones) from Etsy seller designerlollipop. "Um, GW? Valentine's Day was yesterday." Oh really? That's weird because MY MAILBOX WAS F***ING EMPTY. You broke my heart, you really did. Six pops of any variety (Saurons are cherry flavored, Death Stars are marshmallow, galaxies are cotton candy) will set you back $13 and make the perfect goody-bag treats for a bachelorette party. "You're an idiot." An idiot, or the world's most amazing bachelorette party planner? "An actual, certifiable moron." Hello, Chuck E. Cheese's? Cancel our reservation, the bride's being difficult.

Hit the jump for shots of the Saurons and Death Stars.




Hail to the queen, who informed me I'm her favorite servant. Yaaaaaay! Maybe soon I can be food tester.

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