You Sound Like A Dog Toy: Adorable Squeaking Frog

February 18, 2013


So it's President's Day and I'm out celebrating all our fabulous leaders which means I'm actually stuck in the waiting room at the doctor's office where they like me to keep me for at least two hours so if I wasn't sick when I came in the lady with the eyepatch who keeps coughing on my neck will fix that right up. I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully with one pocketful of feel-good pills and the other full of money (I'm gonna do $120 in lotto scratchers on the way home).

Hit the jump for the potential prince in action.

Thanks to Lila, who knows a girl who kissed a frog that really did turn into a prince and another one who just got her lip bit and had to get stitches. I am that second girl. And to Ford, who once convinced a girl to kiss a snake (the same one who died with a stomachache!).

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