Yay -- Or NAY?: Dr. Who My Little Pony Coming Out

February 19, 2013


Nay, get it? Because that's what horses say. Well of course it's not funny if it was never funny to begin with. So apparently there's a Dr. Whooves My Little Pony coming out in August and all the Brony/Whovian combo bros (combros) out there are mad excited about it. Me? The world could end the day before they're supposed to ship and I would be okay with that. Hell, the world could end tomorrow and I'd be okay with that. "You sound depressed." It's just like, I've been training for the apocalypse for so long.

Thanks to Evil Ares hasn't given Dr. Who a chance, who doesn't even need a truth serum, he'll tell you everything.

  • Bronies ruining everything as always.

  • John Smith

    So many butt hurt people.

  • bobjr94

    Sorry, I'm not seeing the resemblance

  • Jadis


  • Why isn't his mark a tardis?


    The 13th Doctor everyone!

  • Steven Sanchez

    I dont care what these assholes say, I love MLP and I love Geekologie even more cause of this post.

  • Miriam


  • Finally a Doctor Who toy that looks absolutely nothing like any of the doctors ever.

    Just what I wanted.

  • The black pony on the package looks determined and suave. The brown(?) pony with the grim smile just looks like he wants someone to put him out of his misery.

  • $18922249

    Frankly, I find the whole "35 year old men being obsessed with My Little Pony" thing a little strange. I mean, be as beautiful as you want to be... but damn, it just looks bad on paper.

  • Tyler AitchKay

    Bronies please fuck off. Tumblr's doing a fine job of killing Doctor Who already, they don't need your help.

  • trueharker

    Shut the fuck up or fuck the fuck off.

  • Tyler AitchKay

    pls stop

  • Vladplaya

    Burn it with fire!

  • Tony Fernandez

    this is alright, yay from me.

  • If they are going with Tennant style, shouldn't the pony be brown? Doesn't look very "Doctor" at all.

  • No Bowtie??

  • MorningPanda

    Nay. I give it two hooves down. No one should be clopping over this.

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