'Wreck-It Ralph' Told In 60-Second Life-Action Short

February 13, 2013


Note: Contains spoilers because it's the entire movie told in 60-seconds. Don't be a dummy.

This is a 60-second live-action short of Wreck-It Ralph. I never saw the movie so I have no idea if it's accurate. Also, I didn't watch this video because I didn't see the original and I don't want it ruined for me. It's kind of a catch-22. Truthfully, this thing could be five seconds of Wreck It Ralph followed by 55-seconds of nudity and I wouldn't know it. Except now I do because I just got myself excited and had to check.

Hit the jump for the video. They should make more of these so I don't have to spend two whole hours watching movies. I get antsy.

Thanks to Jonathan, the music composer for the film, who refused to include 'Free Bird' like I suggest.

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