Wow: Guy Builds 140-Square Foot Diorama Of The Battle Of Hoth In His Living Room (It Takes Up The Whole Thing)

February 14, 2013


Because decorating means different things to different people, Star Wars fan Barry turned his entire 140-square foot living room into a diorama of the Battle of Hoth. There isn't any Photoshop in the pictures but the way, the explosions are actually lights Barry built. You really just have to see all the pictures to believe it. My coffee table has never looked so inadequate. "That's a stack of pizza boxes." IT CAN BE BOTH.

Hit the jump for bunch more pictures, a video tour of the room, and a video of how he made the explosion lights.











Thanks to chichi, who agrees it's gonna be awfully hard to put the moves on a lady in there with no couch to sit on.

  • Marlin Griffin

    So awesome! Your explosions are great! Just a thought, maybe you can use Fire Block Fire Retardant spray and / or LED lights for little to no heat. Both together would be even better! Otherwise, your diorama is AMAZING!

  • Darren

    The explosion effects are awesome but to be fair, it is just a bunch of the star wars toys arranged on a background. Great fun though.

  • RDarker

    Taykyewsumchikenwhyer, mm-hm. Getyewsumpawleephil, mm-hm. Eetsumbiscutsanmusterd mm-hm. Hoth by Slingblade. Deryewgoh, mm-hm.

  • darthpurge

    Fantastic and funny! Can't wait to show my kids. And my wife.

  • Skooma

    Why it's Luke! And Obi-Wan! And my favorite, Chewie- they're all here

  • thatcando

    he is wearing a wedding ring?

  • Elak Swindell

    Fantastic dio and Barry is hilarious in his very deadpan way. "Star Trek 2: The Wraith of Spock". LOL. Good one.

  • Joe Crocker

    Did I really hear him say it was a recreation of a scene from Star Trek: The Wrath of Spock at 0:49 of the top video?

    It is really impressive but...

  • Impressive. Most impressive.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    The virginity is strong with this one

  • Thanks so much to everyone for looking at my diorama!

  • noelsterSF

    this is some close-encounters-building-devil's-tower-out-of-mashed-potatoes-level commitment.

  • Thanks so much!

  • Kevin

    Those explosion and smoke effects are seriously awesome. Nice work.

  • My coffee table has never looked so inadequate. "That's a stack of pizza boxes. ... http://www.Paymentdaily73do...

  • Thank you!

  • Joel Lamm

    and subsequently prolonged his quest at losing his virginity.

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  • Kevin

    93/white/hermaphrodite? HAWT. 27/w/m. Holler @ me.;)

  • Michelle

    Darth Vader was there for that battle?

  • yes... if you remember he walked into command center after the evacuation ..

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