Wouldn't Even Touch: Creepy Mannequin Girl Guitar

February 20, 2013


In thanks for keeping it creepy news, here's an electric guitar made out of a little mannequin girl. A mannequin girl owner Luthier Lou Reimuller takes the time to dress up in different outfits. I have so many questions. Is she part of the band? Just a groupie? If she had arms would that make this any less weird? Because I'm thinking yes, arms would be a good start. An even better start would have been not using a mannequin in the first place. My roommate Dave in college had an acoustic guitar but didn't actually PLAY the guitar, he just liked the way it looked on the stand in his room so he kept his drugs in it. Then one time a buddy who was really good at the guitar came over and before Dave could say anything he'd picked it up and Dave's boner pills spilled out and we all laughed and laughed and pointed right in his face and laughed more and made jokes about how you can't brag about morning wood if it's a leftover 8-hour erection from the night before. He didn't even have a girl over.

Thanks to chichi, who agrees it would have been less creepy as a full-size Ninja Turtle, and that's really saying something.

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