Why You Do That?: Realistic Eyeball Lip Makeup

February 26, 2013


Because eyes are the windows to the soul but the mouth is where I put all the tacos and Fruit Roll-Ups, Swedish makeup pro Sandra Holmbom decided to combine the two and paint this eyeball on her lips. My cat actually licked my eyeball once, I thought it was going to shrivel up and fall out. You can't get worms that way, can you? But seriously, her lips have EYELASHES. Could you even imagine making out with those? They'd easily be the second hairiest lips I've ever kissed.

Hit the jump for several more shots, no word if Sandra was inspired by the floating eyeball creature from 'Big Trouble In Little China' even though how could she not have been?



Thanks to Mnemosyne and Julia, neither of which made reference to the floating eyeball creature from 'Big Trouble In Little China'.

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