Whoa, I'd Wear Those: Futuristic Women's Fashions Each Created From A Single Piece Of Cut Rectangular Fabric

February 7, 2013


This is a video of a woman in her underwear with tape on her boobies so you can't see her nipples trying on different women's fashion pieces each made from a single piece of cut rectangular fabric. A couple of them actually look pretty good. Okay, one of them looks good. "They all look terrible." Look at what you're wearing! "I like what I'm wearing and I don't care what you think -- I'm an individual." Please, that's just something self-conscious embarrassed people say.

Hit the jump for a video of her trying on all the different outfits (complete with side and rear views).

Thanks to Olive, who informed me sweatpants pulled up past my nips doesn't count as a top and I could be in violation of the 'NO SHIRT, NO SHOES, NO SERVICE' policy.

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