Two Pairs Of Unders: Teensy Tabletop Washing Machine

February 5, 2013


This is the $160 Petit Laundry Swoosh from the King Jim Company of Japan. It's a teensy tabletop washing machine that uses just over a gallon of water (and detergent/bleach) to wash up to 250g of clothing in 18-minutes. How much is 250g of clothing? No clue. From the size of the thing though I'd say two t-shirts or four pairs of underwear. Jeans are not an option. "But what about a dryer?" *pointing* It's right there. "The oven?" I suggest using broil. I also suggest not telling your roommates what this thing is so you can have a good laugh when you come home to one of them trying to make tea in your dirty underwear washer.

Thanks to roshan, who caught me throwing all my dirty clothes in the back of a friend's pickup and driving through a car wash. I'm gross, it's true.

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