There You Are!: Impressive Octopus Camouflage Video

February 14, 2013


This is a video of marine biologist Roger Hanlon chasing an octopus when it gets all super sneaky and camouflages itself in some plant growth. Then Roger gets too close and it flicks on its BACK OFF ME warning colors before inking him and swimming away. Then there's a bunch more video trying to explain octopi camouflage and a couple other scenes of the animals hiding. Did you know octopi are colorblind? That was news to me. So was the fact we're being evicted. Let me crash at your place for awhile? I won't even use your bathroom, I'm used to going outside.

Hit the jump and prepare to OOOH and AAAH.

Thanks to my buddy Y-tree, who I once had to whip with the little stick that turns vertical blinds after he tried to pee in a beer can in my bedroom and it overflowed onto the carpet.

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