The Future: New Pulsator Pleasure Toy (Isn't A Vibrator)

February 26, 2013


Note: Uncensored shot HERE. And sadly, no, they don't come in blue or green.

This is the $200 Fun Factory (Fun Factory -- or FUNNEST Factory?) Stronic Eins Pulsator. It looks like a vibrator, but it's not, it's a pulsator. It pulsates instead of vibrates, giving the sensation of actual intercourse instead of mounting a paint mixer.

A pulsator does not vibrate. It simulates the same sensation and movement of penetration. Its weight is distributed so that the Stronic Eins matches the natural rhythms of sex, creating deep and intense thrusts in a back and forth motion that work with its 10 speeds and thrusting patterns. (However, when set to a higher speed, the thrusting motion can create a stimulation like a vibrator.)

Whoa, pulsating instead of vibrating -- that actually sounds kind of neat. Granted you'd never catch me with one in my rump, but only because I'm a fast runner.

Thanks to Stacy, who I'm now 100% certain works for the company and should send me a giant vibrating box in the mail.

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