I'd Live There: What The First Moonbase Might Look Like

February 5, 2013


These are some renderings generated by the European Space Agency and architectural firm Foster + Partners showing the design of what may be eventually become the first human base on the moon. I'm not gonna lie, it does kind of look like the one from my dreams. The outer "rock" walls will be built by 3-D printing robots using magnesium oxide and moondust to form a sprayable liquid concrete. Okay, there was nothing in my dreams about that.

Xavier De Kestelier of Foster + Partners Specialist Modelling Group says that their construction 3D printing technology has already produced entire structures under extreme conditions on Earth, so it's perfectly reasonable to do the same up there:

As a practice, we are used to designing for extreme climates on Earth and exploiting the environmental benefits of using local, sustainable materials. Our lunar habitation follows a similar logic.

Dammit, there goes my rant questioning what makes an earth-based architectural firm think they have the know-how to build something on the moon. I knew I should have used a different quote. Unfortunately, I have this thing called journalistic integrity. "You have nothing." Haha, the skills portion of my résumé is BLANK.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots including a cutaway of a module.




Thanks to the ever delightful Evil Ares, who's always a pleasure to have over for a dinner party. He can really light up the room with that smile.

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