Real Product: Water Jetpacks For Your Feet Commercial

February 19, 2013


I posted the Flyboard back in 2011 when the company first came on the scene, but now they're back with a fancy commercial. This is that commercial. And it's set to one of the most questionable songs I've heard in recent history and that's saying a lot because my little sister is a Belieber and I have to yell at her everyday about it. TURN IT OFF, BECKY. One time she was blaring that idiot heartthrob so loud I marched into her room and threatened to break the CD. Then she started laughing at me because she doesn't own any CD's, just an iPod. And that's when I smashed her iPod in the driveway.

Hit the jump for the video, but you've been warned about the song.

Thanks to fat piggie, who tried water jetpack shoes one time but is such a fat little piggie he barely got off the ground so they refunded his money. Same thing happened to me :(

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