Real Life Wolverine Rescues Coworkers After Explosion

February 8, 2013


Meet Ricardo Fuentes of Mexico City. Ricardo recently pulled several of his coworkers to safety after a methane explosion at the state-run Pemex oil headquarters killed 37 others. When reached for comment why he was unable to save more lives, Ricardo had this to say, "I'm not the f***ing Flash." But seriously, a moment of silence for those who weren't so lucky. Per Google translated webpage:

Just when I was helping these people I was photographed. Resembling the character was no coincidence, as a teenager I liked the character from the comics.

"All my friends call me Logan, since I was in high school, this up here (his hair) I comb my hair back and leave alone, then I laugh at these situations in the office because I said that it seems I have horns head and I reply that my hair well so they do not see me, "he laughs.

But Ricardo believes that comparisons are unnecessary when a coincidence put several factors at a site.

"It's not because I've got to find fame, then demanded it, was what was needed and the guy who took the picture could be or could not be and the same would have gone unnoticed, was a series of coincidences which are giving ".

There's the picture of Wolverine caught post-rescue after the jump. Say, you think if I dressed like Wolverine and did my hair like him everyday I could convince my friends to call me Logan? "Do they like you?" No. "Then probably not." What about Wolvie? "Doubt it." But I'm tiiiiired of being Farts McCloud.

Hit the jump for the shot of Wolverine in action.


Thanks to elrioe, who's such a superhero he would have prevented the explosion in the first place. Whoa, preventative heroing -- I like that.

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