Pokemon Game Recreated In 3-D From The Ground Up

February 6, 2013


Pokemon 3D is a fan effort to recreate Pokemon in a 3D environment. It was built from scratch and is moddable so if you want to make all the Pokemon look like your friends so you can watch them battle it out to the death, you can. You want to make all the trees look like naked ladies? Go for it. You want to kiss me on the first date? Don't even think about it! You know how at wedding rehearsal dinners somebody always tells this beautiful story about how the couple-to-be first met? Well that's always a lie and 9 times out of 10 they met at a bar and slept together the first night. And that's not just me projecting, that's just me recounting what all my friends have done. Particularly Chris and Jen, Rich and Nicole, and Robert and Ellen. Oh -- and David and Joanna (although if you ask Joanna she'll tell you it was just a handjob).

Hit the jump for some gameplay footage, but check out the project site if you want to download the game yourself.

Thanks to OCD Gamer, who has one of the cleanest keyboard I've seen, hands down.

  • anonymous

    pretty sure those sprites aren't made from scratch.

  • dougfunnay

    just tried it out for a couple hours (have yet to try multiplayer) . it needs a lot of work but looks promising and some of the added details like the items on the ground looking like the actual item are pretty nice.

  • Asa Hendrick

    For any Pokemon fans I highly recommend this. It's nostalgic and the work put in is impressive. Sure it's not perfect and the game has only been completed up to Goldenrod City so far (updates do, however, come often), but overall it's awesome!

    and free hahaha

  • nipples mcgee

    Lol the very first time i played Pokemon, I had no idea how to exit the house so I thought the whole game was to played in that house. Im such a noob

  • Jermain Palmen

    Same here man...

  • Prometheus

    I saw this a while back but I couldn't get through it at all. Its cool that its 3d but with the sprites not touched up at all the contrast between the sprites and background art hurts my eyes.

  • That actually looks pretty cool.

  • Jim

    Wow, amazing.

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