Plastic Extruding Pen 3-D Prints Whatever You Draw

February 20, 2013


The 3Doodler (not to brag or anything but I've actually been 4doodled before) is a pen that 3-D prints whatever you draw. Think of it as a hot-glue gun except with instantly-hardening plastic. You can dry with the plastic on a flat surface and then peel it off for 2-D objects, or draw with the pen in 3-D to create free-standing ones. The 3Doodler is currently a Kickstater project but has already reached over 25x their goal. You can still preorder a pen and two bags of plastic though for $75. They ship in November. Me? I never ship, which is why my eBay ranking is so low. I hate the post office. If I had to choose between going to the post office or the doctor's office I think I'd have a nervous breakdown and puke.

Hit the jump for a bunch of examples of creations and their Kickstarter video.






Thanks to Sydney, LostTheGame and Andy, who 3-D print things the old fashioned way: with actual magic. Man, I used to know a spell once.

  • CK Leach

    It's a great twist on the "glue gun". A portable 3D printer can add a great deal of fun with building artwork on armatures, removing the need for clays, resin casting and mold making. Never mind the 2K you will save from not buying a 3D printer. This is a great compromise at a fraction the cost. I like it... so I backed it.

  • Guest

    Glorified glue gun concept. Not a bad twist.

  • maru

    cool thing.. but the last thing we need is more companies outsourcing to china.

  • adsfasdf

    it's a hot glue gun with colored glue

  • Jadis

    similar, yes, but still very cool.

  • This is really neat, but I bet what really won you over was the 3Doodle dino. ADMIT IT.

  • Ömer Talha Yağcı



    Some will tell you they are one in the same. Do some research.

  • Guest

    Just bought one and 100 people bought with me. Oh my god what a campaign. Also first!

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