Paint A Pizza Online, Have It Delivered To Your Door

February 19, 2013

paint-a-pizza-1.jpg is a website where you can Microsoft Paint your own pizza and a participating pizza shop will actually make the pizza. There was at least one participating pizza shop in New York when I looked over the weekend, but now there don't seem to be any. Maybe they're just taking a break. Depending on the complexity of the penis you painted and the colors (ingredients) used, 18" pizzas start around $36. For comparison, you can get a large pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut that looks like shit delivered for $13. You do the math. "I'm not good at math." Me neither, I think the painted pizza is the better deal though.

Hit the jump for a bunch more examples, but be sure to check out the official site where you can browse all the penises and bad words people painted (and even buy their designs).













Thanks to Jonas, the man behind the painted pizza, for allowing me to create the naked lady pizza I've always dreamed of.

  • Village PizzaUK

    nice information about Online Pizza Delivery

  • timburtonist

    You said penis!!!

    I thought you would address it later in the post with a funny joke, but nope.

  • El Jefe

    cool story, bro.

  • Lee

    I hate olives, but I like TMNT, but I HATE olives... More Bacon

  • Judging from the video, the pizzas must taste as disgusting as they look (I thought the cheese on the TMNT pizza were deflated balloons). You only see a handful of people taking their first bite. Well, except for Jonas Lund himself who relaxed his gag reflex long enough to down half a slice.

  • ODwanKenObi

    Those look disgusting...would still eat.

  • Guest

    List of ideas:
    - pizza (pizzaception)
    - Umbrella logo
    - all bacon

  • fgtb34r

    The complexity of the penis? GW you're filthy

  • Nathaniel Hartley

    lol @ the hipster pizza party at the end. for $39 dollars, that pizza better look like van-effing-gogh came back from the afterlife to create that bitch.

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