Original Series Star Trek Footie Pajama Onsies For Adults

February 8, 2013


This is a line of officially licensed Star Trek footed pajama onsies from Jumpin' Jammerz, which I'm going to go ahead and assume was named in the 90's. You can pick from command gold, engineering (aka 'deathwish') red, or engineering blue, and each one will set you back $65. Then you can run around the house pretending to be part of the Enterprise crew while your kids beg you to stop and please not do that while they have friends over for a sleepover.

Thanks to my lost uncle Evil Ares, who I suspect is just PRETENDING to be my lost uncle because he didn't remember the secret family handshake when I tried to give it to him.

  • Sela

    That post was perfection!

  • Bloak

    Why does that look like Kevin's Brother from Home Alone?

  • Dude looks like a red shirt to me. Beam him up ahead of the team --he'll be fine, really!

  • Shinobi_Metal

    to quote MST3K "he has a meat-based face"

  • ShartInYourJacuzzi

    $65 for an emphatic "NO" to sex with women.

  • backafterthis

    Is that supposed to say Onesies? ... not onsies (http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...

  • Dinosaur Rex

    So, that's how Kevin's Brother, Buzz from Home Alone is subsisting now...at least he doesn't look like a crack whore.

  • Guest

    I'm not sure if that guy is beefcake or ugly as all hell.

  • McGarnagle

    He looks like those weightlifting meatheads on the beach you always see in early-'90s teen sitcoms.

  • What alien species is the model supposed to be?

  • rikster81

    hell yeah beam up

  • Kevin

    Sciences blue, GW. This is GEEKologie, right?

    That being said, they should've called it Security Red - that's the true "deathwish" redshirt.

  • Registeredwithem

    Thank you!

    GW minus 1000 geek points.


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