Old Timer: Retired LEGO Mold Made 120-Million Bricks

February 21, 2013


This is a retired LEGO injection mold that pumped out 120-million six-stud bricks over its lifetime. That's a serious work ethic. LEGO molds these days? They come fresh out of school and expect some cushy job to just be handed to them, then get all pissy when it doesn't happen. I WORKED IN A WEST VIRGINIA COAL MINE FOR FORTY YEARS. "Dammit GW, no you didn't." It was in previous life. I was married to this super ugly broad too, she might have been a cousin. Or a dude -- all that coal dust really did a number on my eyes. Even in this life I still have to wear glasses.

Thanks to Branden, who wants to retire yesterday. Me? I can never retire because I'm terrified of the things I'll get into with all that spare time.

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