Oh Right, This Is The Internet: Guy Singing Les Misérables Song In The Voice Of Gollum (And Doing A Great Job)

February 21, 2013


Seen here about to kick your ass for making fun of his tastefully decorated guestroom, Youtuber ljameswalters sings 'I Dreamed a Dream' entirely in the voice of Gollum -- and does a damn fine job of it. It's still weird to watch though. Like beautiful but still really awkward at the same time. "Like watching a baby being born." Exactly like a baby being born. Especially your sister's.

Hit the jump for the video but maybe just listen to it instead of actually watching.

Thanks to BANG, who is also the sound your finger guns make when you're a kid. And to Voxanthella, whose name sounds like a vampire's.

  • Mallory Smith

    His facial expressions really clinch it.

  • Emmitt Morgans

    Definitely not enough phlegm in this Gollum... or outright wailing... or saliva flying everywhere. Not much Gollum here, either... just a LOT of Smeagol.

    I'm seriously considering putting up a video of my rendition... I look a lot more like Gollum, so I think it wouldn't be a total waste of time.

    EDIT: Oh, I forgot... I'm incredibly lazy...

  • Jadis

    that was somethin' else.

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    He should team up with Marlon Wayans for another one of those Movie movies. Take one popular reference and mix it with another popular reference and you've got a joke! That works, right?

  • sleegee

    how this guy sang it straight-faced is creepy.

  • You call that a straight face? Zing!

  • Joel Lamm

    I had to question my life after watching this

  • Hit the jump for the video but maybe just listen to it instead of actually watching. ... http://www.Chooseyourjob72d...

  • *Especially when it's your own. You're the mother. And you're having a cesarean.

  • I just want to give Gollum a lozenge.

  • Amending an article based on the comments? SLIPPING.

  • -1. For going with 'girlfriend's friends' - the worst choice of the possible 7.

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