Oakley's $900 Apocalypse-Ready Drinking Flask

February 28, 2013


Sunglass manufacturer Oakley teamed up with fine scotch maker Macallan to develop 'The Flask', a $900 carbon fiber, steel and aluminum drinking flask. Why? Filthy stinking rich people, that's why.

...the The Macallan x Oakley Flask (£600; roughly $900) draws upon the latter's experience in creating high-end metal objects, with a dark design that brings together food-grade steel, carbon fiber, and aerospace-grade aluminum. Features include a rubberized bottom to keep it from sliding around, a double-sprung cap, and a machined aluminum funnel that threads into the mouthpiece and sports a small air vent on the side.

Man, if there's some kind of worldly catastrophe where a regular flask isn't tough enough to survive anymore I'm not sure I want to stick around to get drunk anyways. *smacks myself* I can't believe those words just came out of my mouth. There's a video after the jump of a bunch of exotic cars dragging the flask behind them to show you how durable it is, presumably because that's what rich folks plan to do with it. YOU PEOPLE MAKE ME SICK.

Hit the jump for the video, including that gull-winged Mercedes speeding around with the doors open.

Thanks to David B., Ardanant and Kid Chameleon (I've played your game before!), who have all been known to drink out of Zip-Lock bags. Hey -- there's no shame in that.

  • Eric

    No reason to hate on people who can afford nice things, nor the nice things they can afford. I envy the wealthy, but as long as they're cool I don't resent them. Rock on, rockstars!

  • Turbosloth

    I bought one, because cocaine and hookers are getting old.

  • Adamant

    If the Apocalypse hits I aint drinking from no hip flask. Chug-a-lug Chug-a-lug

  • DugEfrsh34

    because even in the apocalypse you want everyone to know you're a tasteful alcoholic

  • After watching the video I keep having a major question bouncing in my skull...WHY?

  • Anodos

    I would be so pissed if i bought that, i get lost or the apocolypse happens, and it fucking breaks because of too many parts.

  • Corey Bowtie Wray

    This is officially the stupidest way I've seen money being spent. The question is, will it blend? They should have done that test. Along with bullet stopping. Does it stop bullets? I don't care, I'll just buy a vest that does and is inconspicuous at that price.

  • Anybody else notice the rubber falling off the bottom when it got dropped at around 2:00?

    That's what $900 buys you these days?

  • Sławomir Uchto

    It's a little bit battered. But for sure the martini inside is shaken, not stirred.


    FIRST!!! For the first time


    Also, WANT!

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