No Adult Bookstore?: US Map Of Where Craigslist's 'Missed Connections' Happen, According To State

February 25, 2013


This is a map showing where the most Craigslist 'Missed Connections' happen, according to state. Here in California it's 24 Hour Fitness, which doesn't surprise me because I can barely mount an ellipitical without some tanned and toned hottie trying to get in my bicycle shorts. That was a lie by the way. The number one winner overall? Wal-Mart. Which is weird because the number of times I've ever been interested in someone I saw at Wal-Mart I can count on one hand with no fingers.

Thanks to ET, who's pissed there's no Missed Connections section for outerspace because phoning home and asking if anybody's seen 'a big tittied green alien' isn't working.

  • H3X0

    Oklahoma: State Fair.
    ...Well, at least it's not Walmart. I'd have to disown my home state if it were Walmart. XD

  • Did anyone else come to the conclusion that we should burn all the Walmarts??

  • Nerissa Loren

    Pennsylvania = "convenience store"?? I think they mean Wawa

  • Lauren

    I am irrationally proud of Virginia right now for not joining the walmart states.

  • Celista

    Who the fuck looks for dates at Walmart?

  • Rhode Island - Parking lots.

    Classier than dark alleys.

  • ClosedCasketFuneral

    At least, here in Wisconsin, we have the common decency to be awkwardly shy and creepy about people of the other sex at the bar.

  • Brant_Alan

    I was going to say the same thing about "At Home" with Indiana.. but also Georgia is "The Car"? What?

  • At least in a car you're most likely Outside.

  • Andrew Sonnek

    Indiana "At Home" ??? I know IN is a little redneck, but I'd think Mississippi or Alabama were more apt for hookups in the bedroom across the hall or at grandma's house.

  • Davidsadi

    the sheer number of walmart ones is depressing.

  • How do people in Indiana have so many missed connections at home?

    I saw you doing the dishes one night and we kissed, but then you disappeared from my life until... oh wait you just went to the bathroom. Hey honey. Ok bye Craigslist! Thanks!

  • Shut-ins - "I only order delivery for the human interaction."
    Internet predators - "You logged out of disqus and out of my life forever. :("

  • Brant_Alan

    Are those quotes things you have actually said?

  • Brant Alan (paraphrased): So you're from Indiana?

    Clever. No, they're just examples of how you could have missed connections at home. I stalk my cyber crushes on facebook like normal people. y u no accept friend request? ಠ╭╮ಠ

  • Brant_Alan

    I was just teasing, I promise.
    Friend request? or was that just part of your thing there?

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