Neil DeGrasse Tyson: Thor's Hammer Mjölnir Would Weight As Much As 300-Billion Elephants (That's A Lot)

February 8, 2013


Neil DeGrasse Tyson has calculated that Thor's hammer, if truly forged from a collapsing star, would weigh around 300-billion elephants. Cool Neil, but since when did we start measuring things in elephants? That doesn't sound very scientific. Regardless, 300-billion of them -- you're gonna want to use both hands to pick that up. Don't go trying to grab it with just one or it'll tear your arm off. Fun fact: One time Thor and I were hanging out when he tossed his hammer at me and yelled, "Here, catch!" and I dove out of the way to avoid instant death. When I got back up he was laughing his lovely blonde locks off because it turns out that was just the lightweight prop hammer he uses for photoshoots. I was all, 'LOL -- good one, Thor!' then texted Loki to see about killing him.

Thanks to ..omg, look to the sky! It's a bird.. it's a plane.. no.. it's just Evil Ares, who's really taking advantage of my name copy/pasting for shoutouts. I think he's trying to score a date. And to David B, who once tied Thor's hammer to a rope and swung it around at a party until it flew loose and that's why we only have seven continents now instead of eight.

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