Mount Doom: Volcanic Eruption Viewed From Space

February 27, 2013


Note: Higher-res version HERE and you can go see a worthwhile animated GIF of the flyby at the source HERE.

This is a shot taken aboard the International Space Station in 2009 of the Sarychev Volcano erupting on the Kuril Islands (northeast of Japan -- or possibly from a Zelda game). Amazing, isn't it? Just look at that weird fog cloud that's forming at the top of the ash plume -- that was caused by like, a low pressure field or something. I don't f***ing know, do I look like a meteorologist to you? I'm wearing all green, I'd just be a floating head rambling about some penis-shaped cold front sweeping the nation.

Thanks to PYY, who agrees everything is better viewed from space because space is cool and earth is already played out.

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