Mesmerizing: Popping Bubbles In Ultra Slow-Motion

February 21, 2013


This is a video from the Slow Mo Guys (sad fact: my friends in high school used to call me Slow-Mo but not in a good way) of soap bubbles being popping and filmed at 18,000 frames per second. To make that a little easier to comprehend, that's 9,000 frames every half second. "That didn't help." Haha, can you believe I was a graduate teacher in college when I was getting my Master's? I taught Business Information Technology 2405: Quantitative Methods. Bonus sad fact: I actually failed the course the first time I took it. Still, my students loved me. Plus when I had to hold office hours for them to come ask me questions before a test I'd just sit in there with the door locked playing Counter-Strike on my laptop.

Hit the jump for the video and make sure to watch it in high-def otherwise you might as well just poke yourself in the eyes with a stick.

Thanks to Fally, who's used one of those bubble wands before to make those giaaaaaant bubbles. Dammit, I had the chance to do that once but my little sister kicked dirt in the soap water and then it wouldn't work.

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