Kids These Days (Are Smoking Fun-Dip And Smarties)

February 22, 2013


Because kids love experimenting in the dumbest ways, a group of fourth and fifth graders in South Carolina were recently caught smoking and snorting Fun-Dip powder and crushed up Smarties at school to create "smoke". What a bunch of morons. "Says the guy who's snorted salt and squeezed lime in his eye." YOLO! "I'm going to come finish you now." I deserve your worst.

FOX Carolina reported that faculty members discovered at least 31 kids, boys and girls -- sucking in the candies -- "creating a puff of smoke."

The school responded to the ongoing problem by sending a letter to parents, making them aware of the situation's "inappropriateness" and banning any candy that can be powdered.

I remember when I was a kid we didn't smoke candy. We did have candy cigarettes though. I was crushing like a pack a day. "That's not so bad." Rectally. "When was this again?" When I was like 10. "Wow." To present.

Thanks to my buddy Terry, who didn't so much send me this as a tip as suggest we try it.

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