Kids These Days (Are Smoking Fun-Dip And Smarties)

February 22, 2013


Because kids love experimenting in the dumbest ways, a group of fourth and fifth graders in South Carolina were recently caught smoking and snorting Fun-Dip powder and crushed up Smarties at school to create "smoke". What a bunch of morons. "Says the guy who's snorted salt and squeezed lime in his eye." YOLO! "I'm going to come finish you now." I deserve your worst.

FOX Carolina reported that faculty members discovered at least 31 kids, boys and girls -- sucking in the candies -- "creating a puff of smoke."

The school responded to the ongoing problem by sending a letter to parents, making them aware of the situation's "inappropriateness" and banning any candy that can be powdered.

I remember when I was a kid we didn't smoke candy. We did have candy cigarettes though. I was crushing like a pack a day. "That's not so bad." Rectally. "When was this again?" When I was like 10. "Wow." To present.

Thanks to my buddy Terry, who didn't so much send me this as a tip as suggest we try it.

  • Kelvin

    seriously, its going on in every school. they do it in the change room. I'm a witness. I've tried to report it. the teachers told them to stop but they just keep doing it.
    my experience? i'm a middle school student in grade 8

  • Adamant

    Hells, I remember when they used to sell candy cigarettes and we would always buy the kind with the paper wrappers because you could blow 'smoke'. Of course they stopped selling those kinds by '85 but large candy distributors still sold the paperless kind until the whole Joe Camel lawsuit that restricted cigarette marketing.

  • das
    vast majority of results...chocolate candy
    sorry, americans are doing it wrong

  • Kids are always sticking stuff up their noses. Candy is probably among the least harmful next to fingers and marbles. If I had to choose, I'd rather a kid do this and realize how god-awful and stupid it is than huff paint, sniff permanent markers/white-out, or, you know, experiment with Actual drugs.

  • Idlethoughts

    I knew a guy who tried it, he just got a head ache the rest of the day for fucking with his sinus, the lesson to take from this, "Don't put shit up your nose."

  • JJtoob

    I remember a bunch of idiots I knew tried to smoke regular paper back in high school LOL. Having that said, why ban the candy? Deal with the behavior instead. Smarties? More like stupidies, well, now more like snorties. I do have one question, when they say smoke, are lighters involved?

  • Closet Nerd

    "Come on maaaan, let me get some Smarties..... I'll suck your [lollipop] man!"
    ...... just sayin

  • Kevin

    When I was a kid we had cigarettes. You could be 10 years old, walk into the quick-stop and buy a pack of smokes no questions asked.

  • Ryan Furlong

    Guess what else we did? We snorted pixie sticks, felt how much that fucking hurt, and never did it again.

    Kids are dumb, some kids are dumber, but kids generally learn (even if it's the hard way).

  • Hardxwax

    I always thought those were called Rockets, and that smarties were chocolate. Mind blown. Ironic.

  • lordpikachu


  • Dom Barlow

    ...and the British (I think what you call Smarties, we call Refreshers. I think.), and apparently the Irish, Australians, Spanish,
    Swiss, Dutch, Germans, Scandinavians, Greek, French, South Africans and
    quite a large part of the rest of the world. The US is in the minority
    for these kind of "Smarties" by all accounts.

  • Kinda excessive
    everyone did that for shits and giggles when I was a kid
    and Im pretty sure only one of them has actually snorted coke
    but we all saw it coming

  • Ganonmaster

    I can already imagine kids trading bags of powdered smarties for suitcases of edible rice paper money. Guy sells you inferior Fun-dip? Bust a cap in his ass with your Nerf Gun.

  • We did have candy cigarettes though. I was crushing like a pack a day. "That's not so bad." Rectally. ... http://www.Makeyourfuture69...

  • adsfasdf

    I did this in school too. If you get the powder light enough you can blow it out your nose after inhaling it from your mouth.

  • OMG they are freaking kids. Suspending them for having the candy is so over the top. We knew how to do this when I was in elementary 11 years ago. People need to chill, it is this type of forbidden small stuff that makes kids to the real bad stuff b/c Hay, if everything is against the rules and your going to brake them, might as go all the way if the punishment is the same.

  • disqus_UqtoQbLF0e

    Kids will always be idiots. They used to snort pixi stix.

  • Silly kids. Pixy stix are for mouths.

  • Ryan Furlong

    Damnit I didn't see this before I posted.

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