Kia And DC Entertainment's Superman Themed Optima

February 12, 2013


Remember when Kia and DC Entertainment got together to customize a car for each member of the Justice League? Well here's the Optima Hybrid Superman one. It, uh, it's really something. I'm just having a hard time believing Superman would drive a Kia. "Of course he would." Yeah but you're just saying that because YOU drive a Kia. With all the resources Superman has at his disposal I can't help but feel he'd drive something a little more, how should I put this -- 2001 Ford Explorer. "Isn't that what you drive?" We're both super in our own ways! No but seriously Superman would never drive anyways because why drive WHEN YOU CAN FLY? Back me up, Aquaman. "Very funny, GW." Haha, is it true you and King Neptune had a fling?

Hit the jump for a bunch more shots.










Thanks to Pogonophile and khz, who both ride bikes because they're more Captain Planet style superheroes.

  • jjl

    how do I buy it

  • jjl

    how do I buy it?

  • Daniel T

    Looking forward to the Power Girl car that has a giant hole in the hood.

  • Brandon

    The image of the New 52 suit ruins it.

  • Cortney A.

    Of course there would be a few things I'd want to change, but for the most part I like it....cause it looks a whole hell of a lot better than my current car.

  • Karnie

    Ugh... they had me up until the window etching.... that's just gawdawful.

  • ShartInYourJacuzzi

    Wow, that is some pretty elaborate vagina repellent.

  • Nick Adelman

    no... just, no...

  • Luka Mlinar

    damn that thing is ugly!

  • Closet Nerd

    but is it faster than a speeding bullet?
    ..... just sayin

  • Closet Butt-Pirate

    probably slower than you
    ...just premature ejaculation

  • Closet Nerd

    and I'm betting that you're faster than the car.... when it comes to holding back before you bust off
    ..... just sayin

  • Ryan Judson

    Oh man, how awesome would it be if they made a Batman themed an "automoBat" or something, I don't know we'll work on the name later.

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