Just Like A Fairytale: Disney Princess Themed Wedding

February 8, 2013


These are a bunch of shots taken by St. Louis, Missouri based Shari Photography of a couple's Disney themed wedding. The bride and groom were Ariel and Prince Eric, and all the bridesmaids were Disney princesses and the groomsman princes/random characters. There were a bunch of Disney touches at the reception as well. That's cool. My fairytale wedding? Way simpler. All I want is a ceremony that's as short as possible, an open bar, and food that doesn't suck (I'm thinking sloppy joes). Oh, and I want a raised dance floor made out of diamonds and I want all my favorite bands to be there to play whatever song I want (we may need to reanimate some corpses for this). And if the president and all the other world leaders could come get sloshed and work out their differences in between arm-wrestling matches, that would be cool too. Lastly, I want to honeymoon the way whoever invented the word intended -- ON THE ACTUAL MOON. So we're going to need to leave the reception in a spaceship. Preferably one with a jazz and wine bar. "And a casino." Good call! (My future wife is a gambling addict)

Hit the jump for a bunch more shots, but for the entire set (including all the Disney place-settings and table decorations and all that check out Shari Photography's blog).













Thanks to bb, who plans on having an eternal love themed wedding. Now that -- that I respect.

  • Monica the Mermaid in So Cal

    That looks nothing like Ariel's dress.

  • UMMM.....Has anyone noticed CINDERELLA? I mean... WOW.... CREEPPPPYYYY EYES. I'm terrified. So of course this was made: https://twitter.com/TGF_8Bi... / https://pbs.twimg.com/media...

  • Kelly Charlton

    I love this so much! I would love to be a bridesmaid at a wedding like this.

  • Is she wearing a starfish necklace from Tiffany's?

  • William Samuel

    Ariel should go easy on the blush.

  • disqus_HQaH6ErCup

    The 3rd bridesmaid in looks like Jasmine ... pants and headband ... see?

  • Grue

    Here's my guess, left to right:
    Ariel, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty (Aurora), Jasmine, Belle, Megara, Alice(?), Cinderella, Giselle (Enchanted). I'm guessing "Alice" didn't want to wear an apron to the wedding so she adapted the dress. I can guess why the bride didn't replicate Ariel's wedding dress... I'm also guessing these costumes were all made by people in the bridal party too. I think they're well done for the amount of work involved!

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    so would it be considered bad form and un-Disney like to cornhole Cinderella on the gift table?

  • cori

    I think its amazing idea,, and it doesn't look bad there outfits.. Im sure it was the blast and talk of the town.. could you imagine how much fun the kids had and everyone else??? I think its terrific give them all something to talk about! also you have to think they are in Missouri which I am to but im a few hrs from st Louis but we don't even have a Disney store where I am maybe her resources were limited cause I sure would be limited

  • agatha

    I think I would work it out more, but wedding's are expensive. Maybe I would just be ariel and eric and the rest normal. (Then you don't have to buy extra dresses) and just make a sea theme. Everybody wear some blue, white etc. And give an underwater themeparty! But I do like the soapbells! And it looks like it was her perfect day!

  • Up Yours

    The success of a marriage is inversely proportional to the cost and level of cutesy-wootsie bullshit (as measured in cubic yards). Given that this ceremony was probably
    just under $1000 and only vaguely discernible as Disney related, these two should be getting divorced right about.....now.

    Taking that further, for example if Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have a themed wedding that cost more than a million dollars, it would cause a tear in time and space creating a universe in which they were divorced while they were still in the womb/egg/testube. Though this would likely mean the end of life as we know it, I still can't drum up even one fuck for anything involving those two.

  • Booyah Boy

    too bad dey didnt have no black folk in der

  • I've seen better costumes at the Halloween store. It's a wedding for fucks sake get that ish tailored! especially belle and alice. And prince eric! did he lose 100lbs the night before the ceremony??

  • Or they just wanted to have fun. I don't get the spending shits tons of money on a wedding for one day. You also seem to forget the your bridesmaids pay for their dresses. So your going to tell your friends to spend money on a dressed they will wear once regardless if it is a traditional wedding, or a theme. Maybe she is just considerate of her friends and wanted to have fun at her wedding, not impress snobs on the internet? Crazy I know.

  • Celista

    Disney princess-themed weddings are serious bizness.

  • Doug Eldridge

    Wow, congrats. You are clearly the Internet's bitch of the week.

  • Anodos

    Poor people: Shit of the world

  • Prince Eric is in dire need of a tailor. Puddle pants.

  • dahasn

    I wanna marry your ass :)

  • Robot

    First off she looks nothing like Ariel, more like the drugged addicted 1st cousin the family never talks about. However it's her wedding so I'm fine with that, congratulations on your day. However I will not accept the girl dressed as Megura, how DARE she wear that and try to pass herself off as the Greek Goddess that is Meg!

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