Just Like A Fairytale: Disney Princess Themed Wedding

February 8, 2013


These are a bunch of shots taken by St. Louis, Missouri based Shari Photography of a couple's Disney themed wedding. The bride and groom were Ariel and Prince Eric, and all the bridesmaids were Disney princesses and the groomsman princes/random characters. There were a bunch of Disney touches at the reception as well. That's cool. My fairytale wedding? Way simpler. All I want is a ceremony that's as short as possible, an open bar, and food that doesn't suck (I'm thinking sloppy joes). Oh, and I want a raised dance floor made out of diamonds and I want all my favorite bands to be there to play whatever song I want (we may need to reanimate some corpses for this). And if the president and all the other world leaders could come get sloshed and work out their differences in between arm-wrestling matches, that would be cool too. Lastly, I want to honeymoon the way whoever invented the word intended -- ON THE ACTUAL MOON. So we're going to need to leave the reception in a spaceship. Preferably one with a jazz and wine bar. "And a casino." Good call! (My future wife is a gambling addict)

Hit the jump for a bunch more shots, but for the entire set (including all the Disney place-settings and table decorations and all that check out Shari Photography's blog).













Thanks to bb, who plans on having an eternal love themed wedding. Now that -- that I respect.

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