IT WILL BE MINE: Griff's Hoverboard For Sale On eBay

February 8, 2013


Stop everything and empty your bank account, because Griff's 'Pit Bull' hoverboard used in Back to the Future II is for sale on eBay. And it's only $13,000 -- for a fully functioning hoverboard! "GW? I don't think it actually hovers." WHAT? For $13,000 it damn well better hover AND have GPS navigation so it can cruise me home on autopilot when I've had too much to drink. 'Hey McFly, you bojo -- those boards don't work on water.' 'Unless you've got POWER.' I embedded that clip after the jump so you can see Griff's hoverboard in action. Now let's buy it together and go bully all the neighborhood children. "Bullying isn't cool." Good, that was a test and you passed. DON'T BE A GRIFF, KIDS.

Hit the jump for a bunch more shots and the scene from the movie.









Thanks to disqus_YtYcYLXO6a, who didn't so much send a tip as include a link to the auction in yesterday's comments about the Robotcop droid for sale. I'll allow it.

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