Insects Making Pupae Casing Out Of Gold And Jewels

February 21, 2013


Caddisfly are a species of moth-like insect that, when in their larval stage, spin a web of silk and attach whatever materials they have around them to it for protection before climbing inside to pupate. So you know what French artist Hubert Duprat gave them? A beret, baguette, and zero deodorant. "The French hate you enough as it is, GW." Fine, he gave them a bunch of gold and jewels. These are the resulting protective cases they made. Not bad, but I don't think of any of them are going to make it as jewelry designers. "Wow, first the French, now you're making fun of insects -- you must feel pretty good about yourself." I knooooow, I just can't help it -- it's a coping mechanism. "For coping with what?" You. *drops smoke bomb, runs in a circle, smoke dissipates, you kick my ass, curtain falls, I return moments later for my final bow* Come on, nobody's throwing roses?! What about panties? Last call -- boxers and briefs. Please, somebody just toss me a sock.

Hit the jump for a video of the little buggers doing their arts and crafts thing.

Thanks to V, Julia and Hayley, who agree everything that glitters isn't gold but you should still stop to make sure if you see it out the corner of your eye.

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