Impressive: LEGO Totoro Catbus Runs When Pushed

February 13, 2013


Totoro: everybody wishes they had a neighbor like him. My neighbors? Nobody would wish that upon themselves. A new couple moved in next door and they always like to have headboard-to-wall-banging sex right when I'm trying to go to bed. It's funny and sad though because it only lasts like two minutes before dead silence. Then, a minute later, I hear a toilet flush and I know it's finally safe to sleep. This is a Totoro Catbus built by LEGO pro Tomoyuki Wakata. When you push it along the ground its legs move like its running. When you whip out your six-shooters and start blasting the ground around my boots telling me to dance? I just stand there laughing and yelling, "AIM HIGHER, SISSY." I'm pretty hardcore. "You have a deathwish." I cross streets with my eyes closed.

Hit the jump for several more shots and a video of the bus in action.





Thanks to PYY, who wants a neighbor like Totoro and a whole bunch of those soot sprites Hayao Miyazak is always using in his movies. OMG, I love those little guys!

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