I'm Lucky To Even To Even Get A Cake: A Flame-Shooting, Music Playing, Unfurling Flower Birthday Cake Candle

February 4, 2013


This is the Happy Birthday Candle. When the flower bulb is lit, it shoots sparkler flames and plays Happy Birthday before unfurling into a blossom of birthday candles. You can get a three pack for $20. Alternatively, you can get a 20-pack of those candles that you can't blow out for like $4. Those are also a great way to ensure the birthday boy or girl covers the cake in saliva from blowing so hard. Save me a piece with a spit puddle. Two years ago my friends only put one one candle in the cake but SPOILER: it turned out to be a buried firework. I called the police and tried to file a report for a Wile E. Coyote style assassination attempt, but they were all, 'I thought we told you to stop calling here' and 'One more time and we're going to arrest you.' DAMMIT, I PAY MY TAXES. "Sales tax doesn't count." THEN GIVE ME MY 6% BACK.

Hit the jump for a worthwhile video of the flower candle doing its thing.

Thanks to Lamay, who agrees the best cakes are the ones that have scantily clad dancers burst out of them singing Metallica's greatest hits. Wait -- what?

  • О чем то

    I buy in aliexpr allmost for free http://goo.gl/jWyfip

  • traffikoo

    We get these from http://LotusCandles.com. Their service is awesome. Love those guys.

  • Show Stopper

    I love these candles! I found a great UK based company which supplies these! Great for unusual birthday ideas! http://www.talkingtables.co...

  • ZomBBombeR

    I cannot stand midi's....AARRghghHHGH!!

  • Guest

    Hmm...that is pretty sweet, however a rock/metal version o' the b-day song would be much more fitting to the candle. Just sayin'. I do plan on buying this for someone who loves a good show.

  • Michael Knight

    from the redundancy department
    of redundancy.

  • ZomBBombeR


  • Markas Paliokas

    That is a poor post. these things been around since the 80s some cheap chinese cake decoration. In UK you can buy these in pound land.

  • Prometheus

    Those things suck. Had one before and when you light it it starts to spin and open then after a minute it starts to "sing" but it sounds like a chorus of demons.

  • Idlethoughts

    That sounds strangely appropriate with the rest of your description.

  • FierlanFire

    Is this real life?

  • nipples mcgee

    Finally! I have used something before it was featured on geekologie. Life = 70% complete

  • Dani

    10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... we have liftoff!

  • that guy

    They use this at the hibachi by us

  • shepardtone

    Well, that takes the "dull" out of "candle".

  • TeoJade

    I have a video of my friend blowing out her candles with this on the cake

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