I'm Flying, Jack!: The 'Flying Underwater' Wetsuit

February 25, 2013


At first I didn't understand what the big deal with this thing was, because it's just a wetsuit with membranes stretching from the arms and between the legs, but apparently it's supposed to give the wearer a sense of FLYING UNDERWATER. Cool, but do you know where I really want to fly? Into a volcano. I think I'm done with earth. Is this Kool-Aid spiked? I'm drinking it.

Hit the jump for a shot of the designer Guillaume Binard (who looks like a friend of mine except my friend has way bigger ears) modeling the suit and a video of the thing in action.


Thanks to brian and RhymeDirective, who heard Aquaman got arrested over the weekend for getting drunk and touching a porpoise. I 100% believe that.

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